Tower Rides


Space Shot
Renowned for its unique smoothness during a rapid 4-G vertical launch and then dropping into a breathtaking negative 1-G descent, the Space Shot is a pure rush. Single tower configurations deliver thrills for 360 to 480 riders per hour, while multi-tower designs exceed people per hour capacities of 2500. The Space Shot is available in 12-seat and 16-seat configurations.

Turbo Drop
Available in configurations of 12 or 16 passengers, the Turbo Drop begins with an impressive ride up the tower, and then, after a brief pause, blasts downward with a "beyond freefall" negative G-force experience. Capacity ranges between 360 and 480 people per hour, depending on vehicle configuration.

Combo Tower Ride
The small footprint Combo Ride combines the legendary Space Shot and Turbo Drop into one hair-raising amusement attraction. The Combo Tower is ideal for parks needing a single ride tower with the ability to thrill passengers either blasting up into the atmosphere or freefalling back to earth. Available in 12-seat or 16-seat configurations, our combo tower ride offers a throughput between 360 and 480 people per hour.


Space Shot, Turbo Drop, Combo Tower Ride Specifications

Tower Structure Height: 80' (24 M) or 120' (37 M)
Height with Marquee: 95' (29 M) or 135' (41 M)
Footprint: 24' (7.32 M) x 24' (7.32 M)
Ride Speed: 40 mph (64 kph)
Maximum G-Force: +4.0 G's upward / -1.5 G's downward
Passenger Capacity: 12
Passenger Restrictions: Minimum 48" tall
Ride Duration: Approx. 50 seconds
Theoretical Capacity: 360 – 480 pph


  • Small Footprint
  • High Visibility
  • Excellent throughput
  • State-of-the-art restraints that allow 48" passenger heights
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Great family attraction
  • Allen Bradley control system