Monkey Madness


“Huli Hu” is said to mean “crazy,” and that’s the kind of mind that would design this crazy, fun ride experience for kids and their parents. S&S has set out to provide an entirely unique ride experience with the kiddie version of our “Huli Hu” (Patent Pending) ride design, and that’s what Monkey Madness is all about.  

Kids will clamor to ride the palm tree with the mischievous rain forest monkeys, as it swings past the tropical forest.  They’ll feel like they should hold on tight as the spinning coconut tree catapults past the tropical forest, which appears to rise out of a rocky landscape.

The loading platform for the Monkey Madness ride appears to be built out of the same stone that forms the island in the center of the ride.  The sling arms are clad to resemble the trunks of coconut trees, and the counterweights appear to be the root balls.  The free-spinning four-passenger ride vehicles will appear to have been woven from palm fronds.  As they cling to their open-air perch atop the palm trees, the monkeys and passengers alike will thrill to the “near miss” perception of the vehicles rotating past each other and the central tropical forest.  This unique ride creates an amazing and exciting ride experience that riders of all ages will enjoy. 

The ride itself is comprised of two arms, each of which swings 180 degrees from a central hub.  Four passengers are seated in each teacup-style vehicle, facing center.  As the ride reaches speed, the arms synchronously rise up in the air to vertical and then continue to horizontal in an opposite orientation.  Each of the individual four-passenger vehicles can freely turn or spin as the passengers turn the wheel in the center. 



Dimensions / Weight
Ride Height: 16' 6"
Depth: 23'
Width: 15'
Static Weight (empty): 22,000 lbs.
Dynamic Weight: 23,600 lbs.
Total max. passenger weight: 1,600 lbs.
Footprint (including safety clearance): 29' x 21' 6"

Max. Seating (passengers): 8
Min. Height Restriction: 36" with adult; 42" unaccompanied
Throughput: 320 pph theoretical
Ride Duration (including loading): 1.5 to 2 minutes  

Ride Speed & Forces
Max. Speed: ~11 mph
Max G Force: 1.5 G up, .3 G down
Rider Age: All ages (with min. height requirement)

Electrical Requirements
Control System: Allen Bradley
Lighting & Controls: 200/230/460 V, 3 phase, 60/65 amp circuit
Power consumption: 15 kwh