Jungle Swing


Friendly tropical birds will invite children of all ages to “swing like the birdies swing” aboard their giant bamboo swing in the rain forest. The Jungle Swing ride by S&S offers affordable family fun with low installation, maintenance, and operating costs.

The Jungle Swing’s frame structure is wrapped to appear as huge bamboo poles and sculptures of exotic orchids and butterflies will decorate the structure. Huge sculptures of three tropical birds – a macaw, a cockatoo, and a toucan – perch atop the main structural beam at the top of the ride and alongside the main axle.

The Swing ride gives every one of its eight passengers the feeling of the wind in their face, as they sit back-to-back for a ride that feels like everyone’s dream of a delightful playground swing. The passengers enjoy an extremely smooth ride experience that actually feels similar to sitting in the front seat of a roller coaster – with a quick 0-G float at the top of the ride’s arc. The ride has been designed with just the right excitement factor for children from 3 to 103, with a maximum swing arc of 70 degrees and maximum G-force of 2.0.

The specially designed passenger seating includes a monitored lap bar restraint system and state-of-the-art Allen-Bradley controls. The Jungle Swing is priced to fit the budget of any amusement park or entertainment destination. 



Dimensions / Weight
Ride Height: 22' 6"
Depth: 18'
Width: 15'
Static Weight (empty): 8,400 lbs.
Dynamic Weight: 10,000 lbs.
Total Max. Passenger Weight: 1,600 lbs.
Footprint: 33' 7" x 21' 6" (including safety clearance) 

Max. Seating (passengers): 8
Min. Height Restriction: 36"
Throughput: 320 to 384 pph
Ride Duration: 1.25 min. incl. loading

Ride Speed & Forces
Max. Speed: 18 mph
Max G Force: 2 Gs into seat
Ridr Age: All ages
Swing Arc (each direction): 70 degrees

Electrical Requirements
Control System: Allen Bradley
Lighting & Controls: 230/460 V, 3 phase, 40 amp circuit
Power Consumption: 6.5 kwh