Frog Hopper


The new 2010 Frog Hopper is leaping its way into the hearts of young and old, with bright colors and frog designs inspired by the greatest jungles in the world. Everyone will want to hop along with the troupe of brightly colored tropical frogs as they catch flies buzzing about their lily pond in the rain forest. 

The side panel of the ride features colorful scenes of the lily-covered pond in the fain forest. The seven-passenger vehicle tells its own story, with a humorous scene in which seven tree frogs are sitting in the passenger seats, some attempting to catch flies with their tongues. One frog enjoys the ride, a pair of frogs have tangled their tongues in a knot, one frog watches as the tongue of another frog passes overhead and hits the center frog upside the head, and the last frog gleefully jumps up.

A large sculpture of the friendly, leaping “hero” frog tops the ride tower, and the length of the ride tower features three sequenced drawings of the same “hero” frog as it takes off, leaping to the top of the ride tower. An additional frog on each side of the ride’s motor box is just having a good time, chilling out in the bright lily pad.

The Frog Hopper™ is a vertical ascent and bounced descent amusement ride providing a single restraint system for seven (7) riders. The Frog Hopper is fun, has great visual appeal, supports high capacity, utilizes only a small footprint, and is a great way to entertain large numbers of children. With over 240 Frog Hoppers sold around the world, the ride has proven safe and dependable. The 2010 model of the Frog Hopper ride includes enhancements designed to increase the mechanical system redundancy and to provide a single ride design that is compliant with not only ASTM F-24, but also with all international safety codes. The new energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED accent lights draw everyone’s eyed to the bright and adorable Frog Hopper ride.



Dimensions / Weight
Static Height (with Frog top): 23'-5" (*or 21'5")
Dynamic Height (without Frog Top): 18'-7' (*or 16'7") (*2' shorter "indoor" model available)
Depth: 10' 3"
Width: 10' 3"
Static Weight (empty): 3,500 lbs.
Dynamic Weight: 4,200 lbs
Total Max. Passenger Weight: 700 lbs.
Balancing: 150 lbs.
Footprint (including safety clearance): 17' x 14'

Max. Seating (passengers): 7
Throughput: 210 to 280 pph
Min. Height Restriction: 36"
Ride Duration: 1 minute

Ride Speed & Forces
Max. Speed: 3 mph
Max G Force: 1.5 G vertical, .5 G downward
Rider Age: 3 to 13 years (36" min. height), + 1 adult

Electrical Requirements
Control System: Allen Bradley
Lighting & Controls: 220 V, 1 or 3 phase 30 amp circuit, 60 Hz or 50 Hz
Power Consumption: 9.5 kwh