Screamin' Swing


The Screamin’ Swing excites riders with the feeling of wind in their face and 0-G floats similar to riding a roller coaster that is diving toward the ground. The air-launched Screamin’ Swing can be built to fit any size operation and is available in 16-, 32-, and 40-seat options.

The Screamin’ Swing is a truly new and unique ride experience that is absolutely affordable fun! Designed to offer a smooth, thrilling ride to every “kid” on the planet who ever dreamed of swinging higher, the Screaming Swing delivers an awesome ride experience a totally new design concept. Just like the downhill side of a roller coaster, the passengers rush toward the ground with no ride structure in their path.

The exclusively designed passenger seating allows every passenger to feel the wind in their face, just like the front-row seat of a roller coaster, ensuring that each passenger experiences the Screamin’ Swing thrill equally. Imagine the ride experience! Passengers are loaded into the monitored seat/restraint system, then the ride begins with an experience like that of a playground swing. Within seconds, however, the passengers realize that they are in for the excitement of a high-thrill experience, as the ride pulls them at 4 Gs, exceeds 60 miles per hour, brings in some zero-G floats, and rises to 100 degrees over the top of the ride structure. The ride experience is extremely smooth and enjoyable and is just as much fun for the spectators who love seeing the excited faces and hearing the screams of the passengers.

The Screamin’ Swing was designed to meet the needs of any park site, from the smallest family entertainment center to the largest amusement park. With the available passenger capacity from 16 to 40, the ride can be built to accommodate the needs of any site. The ride features a small footprint, high throughput, low maintenance cost and maximum thrill.

The Screamin’ Swing has been designed to the highest engineering standards; and with excellent hourly throughput, it has become an amusement park favorite! 



Ride Speed: 50 mph (80.46 KPH)
Maximum G-Force: +4.0 G's
Passenger Restriction: Minimum 48" (1.2 M) tall
Ride Duration: Approx. 50 seconds
Power Requirements: 120 V / 1 phase / 20 amp
(2) 480 V / 3 phase / 20 amp
(2) 480 V / 3 phase / 600 amp

16-Passenger Swing
Ride Height: 62' (18.89 M)
Dynamic Ride Height: 81' (24.68 M)
Footprint: 48' (14.63 M) x 8' (2.42 M)
Safety Clearance: 36' (10.97 M) x 114' (34.74 M)
Theoretical Capacity: 240 – 480 passengers per hour

32-Passenger Swing Specifications
Ride Height: 62' (18.89 M)
Dynamic Ride Height: 81' (24.68 M)
Footprint: 67 ' (20.42 M) x 14' (4.26 M)
Safety Clearance: 52' (15.84 M) x 114' (34.74 M)
Theoretical Capacity: 640 – 800 passengers per hour

40-Passenger Swing Specifications
Ride Height: 62' (18.89 M) or 100' (30 M)
Dynamic Ride Height: 81' (24.68 M) or 130' (40 M)
Footprint: 73' (22.25 M) x 15' (4.57 M)
Safety Clearance: 58' (15.67 M) x 114' (34.74 M)
Theoretical Capacity: 800 – 1000 passengers per hour


  • Small footprint
  • High visibility
  • Excellent throughput
  • State-of-the-art restraints that allow 48" passenger heights
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Great family attraction
  • Allen Bradley control system