Free Fly


The “longitudinal” spinning coaster by S&S is a new type of family coaster designed to heighten the coaster experience. Free Fly utilizes a unique air bag suspension to create an extremely different and smooth experience that accentuates air time and cushions unwanted vibrations. While the suspension system is new to the amusement industry, it relies on existing technology for simplicity and ease of maintenance.

The Free Fly coaster was awarded the IAAPA international association’s 2009 “Best New Major Amusement Ride of the Year.” The coaster is intended for the existing and thriving spinning coaster market with a coaster that spins about its longitudinal axis instead of its vertical axis. This rotation allows riders to continually see where they are traveling, providing excitement without vertigo. The weighted seats allow for rolling of the vehicle while the seats remain upright, which in turn allows for a simple class 3 restraint (a seat belt) for quick loading and unloading. Each two-sided Gondola has four passengers per side for a total of eight passengers per gondola.

Free Fly presents many theming opportunities, including animals, jets/space craft, and a “Robinson Crusoe” type raft.



S&S Worldwide Free Fly


Ride Capacity: 720 pph
Dispatch Time: 40 seconds
Standard Track Length: 1312' (400 M)
Overall Height: 57' (17.37 M)
Vehicles: (4) Eight passenger vehicles
Restraints: ASTM Class 3 Restraints, a seat belt similar to a log flume
Lift: Standard 30 degree chain with ARB
Brakes: Friction and magnetic
Station Info: Boosters in station load area; loading on both sides of track
Maintenance: Dual trolley transfer track with storage track


  • 360º longitudinal spinning gondola
  • Fully adjustable air pressure suspension
  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • Suspension independent of coaster orientation
  • ASTM Class 3 seat restraints

Seat/Restraint Design Forces

Vertical Acceleration: +2.5 / +0.2 G
Lateral Acceleration: +/- 0.5 G
Longitudinal Acceleration (Fatigue): +/- 1.0 G
Longitudinal Acceleration (Max): +/- 1.2 G

Note: Pivoting gondola translates lateral acceleration into vertical acceleration.

Chassis Design Forces

Vertical Acceleration: +/- 2.5 G
Lateral Acceleration: +/- 2.0 G
Longitudinal Acceleration (Fatigue): +/- 1.0 G
Longitudinal Acceleration (Max): +/- 1.2 G
Impact Factor: 1.2
Vibration Coefficient: 1.2

Track Layouts

CL Rails to Center of Rotation: 30"
Min. Horizontal Raidus @ Track CL: 17.5'
Min. Vertical Radius @ Rail Centerline
Dip: 32.5'
Maximum Bank Rate: 3 deg/ft
Lift Slope: 30 deg


Capacity: 720 pph
Passengers per vehicle: 8

Vehicle Parameters

Wheelbase: 60"
Overall Length: 115"
Track Gage: 48"
C.G. Loaded Train to Rail: 15"