El Loco


El Loco pushes the limits of what can be accomplished in a small footprint. These family-friendly roller coasters offer the steepest first drop in the coaster world, barrel rolls, the smoothest track imaginable, a 45-degree outwardly banked turn, and a throughput of up to 720 riders per hour. Mumbo Jumbo, the latest El Loco installed, is the Guinness World Record holder for Steepest First Drop in a Steel Coaster.

Designed to maximize space, El Loco coasters deliver family fun and excitement, combining well-known and unique coaster maneuvers for a hilariously delightful ride experience. 

The custom four-person El Loco vehicle travels throughout the ride experience, ensuring each passenger a first-rate experience. Passengers are taken in flight to heights from 60’ to 142’ (18 M to 43 M) above the ground; then within seconds of cresting the top, passengers dive over and backwards, the first of several new and unique coaster elements. After this creation levels out – parallel to the ground — riders experience a gravity defying right-hand/left-hand turn before dropping into oblivion. The one-of-a-kind over-back element is repeated and the flight continues for 75 seconds of unique fun. One ride upon this unique creature isn’t enough!

With a price range affordable for any park, El Loco coasters are a sure thing — delivering a ride experience that is out of this world! El Loco coasters were created with the needs of the amusement park in mind. The ride features a small footprint, tall tower-like structure, high throughput, low maintenance cost, and maximum thrill. Intended for thrill seekers and families alike, El Loco appeals to riders from 6 to 76 and is guaranteed to bring them back again and again.

The ride controls include an Allen-Bradley PLC with specially designed software routines and numerous mechanical backups built in for safety and redundancy. The PLC receives input from pressure, location and speed sensors, safely controlling this fun and unique coaster experience. The overall speed is approximately 20 mph and is controlled by a reliable magnetic braking system. El Loco coasters have been designed to the highest of engineering standards.



S&S Worldwide El Loco


Passenger Height: 48” (122cm)
G-Force: + 3.0 G’s
Average Speed: 20 mph (32 kph)
Power Consumption: 221 kw
Power Requirements:
US: 480 Volt / 3 Phase / 60 Hz
Intl: 400 Volt / 3 Phase / 50 Hz

Three track configurations are available.

Track Length: 903' (275 M)
Height: 60' (18.3 M)
Width: 185' (56 M)
Depth: 45' (14 M)
# of cars: 4 or 7 (410/720 pph)
Circuit Time: 120 seconds
Dispatch Interval: 20 seconds

Track Length: 1276' (390 M)
Height: 96' (29.3 M)
Width: 195' (59 M)
Depth: 45' (14 M)
# of cars: 7/8 (720 pph)
Circuit Time: 120 seconds
Dispatch Interval: 20 seconds

Track Length: 1800' (550 M)
Height: 130' (40 M)
Width: 230' (70 M)
Depth: 40' (15 M)
# of cars: 7/8 (720 pph)
Circuit Time: 120 seconds
Dispatch Interval: 20 seconds


  • Small footprint
  • High visibility
  • Throughput of 410 to 720 pph
  • Typical ride cycle: 75 seconds
  • State-of-the-art restraints that allow 48" passenger heights
  • Very compelling pricing
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Great family attraction
  • Allen Bradley Control System