Air-Launched Coaster


S&S has taken our patented pneumatic launch, which has been installed on our tower rides and family thrill rides operating around the world, and applied this same system to coasters. The pneumatic launch provides a smooth, clean, environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient system to power coasters with launch speeds from 60 mph to 135 mph or higher.

With this technology, S&S set a whole new pace for the amusement industry, achieving the Guinness World Record for the “fastest launched coaster” in 2002 at Fujikyu Highlands in Japan (0 to 108 mph in two seconds).

The amazing takeoff of our air-launched coasters is truly an S&S signature experience, with a minimum of six fun and exciting elements. Our “standard” launched coaster (80-mph / 135 kph) hits its top speed in a couple of seconds as it blasts into a 60 M top-hat hill element. It then drops down the back side and into a tunnel before the riders can even catch their breath. Amazed passengers exit the tunnel into a beautiful and fun wall-ride turn, and then the coaster turns back into a twisting floaters section. With every passenger’s adrenaline pumping, the vehicle makes a left-hand turn into a corked floater, before heading into the brake run and back to the station. 



Specifications are for a standard configuration 80 mph – 135 kph launched coaster

Track Length: 2,772' (845 M)
Launch Hill (top hat): 197' (60 M)
Ride Capacity: 1200 passengers per hour
Launch Speed: 84 mph (135 kph)
Train Configuration: (2) 24-passenger trains/six (6) elements included
Minimum Passenger Height: 48" (120 cm)
Total Power Consumption: 820 kw
Compressor Power Consumption: 680 kw


  • Environmentally friendly launch technology
  • High visibility
  • Smooth, exciting launch
  • Great family attraction
  • Allen Bradley Control System
  • State-of-the-art aircraft machined wheel bogie assemblies (Require no welding)